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Crystal Pro Twist 15000 Puffs Disposable Vape Box of 10

Crystal Pro Twist 15000 Puffs Disposable Vape Box Of 10: Quality Under Budget   The Crystal Pro Twist 15000 puffs vape is no doubt a most wanted product in the market....
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Crystal Pro Twist 15000 Puffs Disposable Vape Box Of 10: Quality Under Budget


The Crystal Pro Twist 15000 puffs vape is no doubt a most wanted product in the market. Now this product is available for bulk purchase of 10 devices to make the vaping session long-lasting and comfortable, users will no longer need to buy a new device every time after one ends.


The device comes with 850 mA/h rechargeable battery, and dual twisted pre-filled e-liquid tanks with different flavours in each. C-type USB charging avails quick and efficient performance. A display screen is built with the device to show battery percentages.


A compactable design is here for you to make your vaping session easier and enjoyable with the convenience of a disposable vape device. The device has dual mesh coil technology that enhances the flavor taste till the last puff providing perfect throat hits with every disposable vape device.


Benefits Of Purchasing Crystal Pro Twist 15k Puffs Vape Box Of Ten


Let's see, Does it make sense that purchasing a bulk is beneficial; 


Comfortable and Cost Effective


  1. Cost

Purchasing a bulk of The Crystal Pro Twist vape definitely affects the price positively.Discount is offered at every vape in bulk purchase.You will surely save your money.

  1. Long Lasting

The box of 10 offers a long lasting vaping session, each device delivers a perfect amount of 15k+ puffs, so think of 10 devices how long they will last? Obviously the box will end after a long term of enjoyment, but with each disposable vape device you can enjoy hassle-free vaping.

  1. Disposable

The Crystal Pro Twist 15000 is disposable. So as e-liquid finished just garbage it and pick the next one from your pack of 10 disposable vape devices.


Variety & Customization


  1. Dual Flavors 

This vape has pre-filled twisted tanks with dual flavor to have a joyful vaping experience with each disposable vape device.

  1. Multiple Flavors Choice

The Crystal Twist 15000 puffs disposable vape offers multiple flavors to choose with your own choice.It makes your vaping easy as once you have chosen the bulk with multiple flavors save your energy from deciding at every purchase.

  1. Compact

 The 15000 Crystal Pro Twist is a compatible, easy and light weighted device. Can be carried in pocket. Its size is comfortable and perfect for a disposable vape device.


Mind Relaxing


  1. Bulk Of Ten

Purchasing a bulk of ten of this vape relaxes your mind.If you finished your device, you will not have to worry about buying the new one, there will be 9 other devices waiting for you to enjoy them.

  1. Reduce Decision

Purchasing a bulk of ten provides a stock of ten devices, reducing decision effort for every new purchase and giving you a ready pack of 10.



  1. Rechargeable

The Crystal Pro Twist 15k puffs vape is rechargeable with a c-type port. Offers quick and efficient charging.

  1. Reduce wastes.

Purchasing a bulk reduces packing  wastes of single packs. This proves it is environment friendly and suitable for those 18 years or older.


Key Features Of  Crystal Pro Twist 15k Puffs Vape 


Following amazing features are introduced with crystal pro Twist 15k+ puffs vape to rock the product in the Uk market;

  1. Perfect 15k+ Puffs

  2. Dual Flavors

  3. Switchable Mouthpiece

  4. Dual Mesh Coil

  5. 850 mA/h  Battery

  6. C-type USB Rechargeability

  7. Display Screen

  8. Twisted Dual E-liquid tanks 

  9. 24 ml E-liquid

  10. Yummy Flavors to choose from.


Flavours Available At the Vapez 


The following list of flavors is available for bulk purchase at the Vapez;


  1. Blue Razz Gummy Bear / Blue Razz Cherry Ice

  2. Blueberry Raspberry / Blue Sour Raspberry

  3. Fresh Mint / Lemonade Ice

  4. Juicy Raspberries / Juicy Peach

  5. Lemon And Lime / Watermelon Ice

  6. Pineapple Ice / Banana Ice

  7. Pink Lemonade / Strawberry Kiwi

  8. Skittles (Candy) / Gummy Bear

  9. Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice / Strawberry Banana

  10. Triple Cherry / Exotic Mango


Price Of Box Of 10 At The Vapez


The Vapez offers a reasonable price for bulk purchase of 10 devices. Box of 10 is available at discount price. If you purchase 10 single devices it will cost about £120.99. While at bulk purchase you save your money. Purchasing a pack of 10 can lead to more savings on each disposable vape device.


Box of 10





Why do I purchase a Crystal Pro Twist puffs box of ten vapes?

You can purchase a box of ten as it is cost effective, reduces decision, relaxes the mind of every new purchase, long lasting and provides a joyful experience.


Do all devices in the Crystal Pro Twist 15000 puffs  box of ten vapes are of the same flavor?

No, every vape has a dual tank filled with different flavors, and all ten devices in the box are of different flavor or may be of the same as per your order.


Will flavor expire before I use all the devices of Crystal Pro Twist 15000 puffs box of ten vapes?

No, every vaping device has 2 years of lifetime before it expires, suitable for those 18 years or older. So you can enjoy the vapes before they expire.


What comes in the box of ten vapes?

Ten vaping devices with different flavours or as per your order and a user manual comes in Crystal Pro Twist 15000 puff disposable vape box of 10.


Can I store unused Crystal Pro Twist 15000 puffs for later use?

Yes, you can store unused devices for 2 years in a dry and stress free environment at optimum temperature.



Crystal Pro Twist 15k vape box of 10 is available at discount prices at the vapez.It lift your vaping experience to the sky heights by providing multiple flavors, high quality material and user friendly features.Enjoy vaping with crystal pro twist 15k+ vapes.

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