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JNR Falcon X-18000 Puffs Disposable Vape Box of 10

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JNR Falcon X-18000 Box of 10 Vape   JNR Falcon with cutting-edge technology is taking over the vaping market everywhere, So a box of ten is introduced to enhance the...
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JNR Falcon X-18000 Box of 10 Vape


JNR Falcon with cutting-edge technology is taking over the vaping market everywhere, So a box of ten is introduced to enhance the vaping experience with JNR Falcon X-18000 vape. A bundle with ten devices is available in the same as well as different flavours of own choice at discount prices. Each device provides a 18000 puffs with 950mA/h rechargeable battery. Lets see how beneficial is to buy a bundle instead of individual.


What Are The Benefits Of Buying a JNR Falcon X-18000 Box of 10?



  • Discount Prices

JNR Falcon x-18000 vape offers discount prices per vape for buying a bundle of ten vaping devices instead of getting a single device.



  • Differ Flavors

JNR Falcon 18000 box of ten is available in a different flavor of each device, You can choose your favorite ones to have a delectable experience.Bundle of ten JNR Falcon vapes is also available in single flavor for those who are addicted to a flavor and like to enjoy the same every time.


Reduce Choice Difficulty

Once you have chosen a bundle of flavors then there’s no need to bother your mind at every new purchase.You just have to enjoy one after the next having a continuous session with no break.



  • Long Term Supply

This Vape Provide a very long term vaping session with no gap, as providing 18k puffs per device and 10 in total.It may last after a very long time but depends on your vaping habit that how long and how frequent you puff the device, but still it has 180k+ puff count in all 10 devices.So it provide a durable experience.

  • Limits garbage 

As individual vapes have their own packing instead of box of ten having single packing for 10 devices.So it reduces the packing wastes.


Pleasure of Mind

  • Having a box of ten of JNR Falcon 18000 vapes, relaxes the mind to enjoy vape tension-free, that you have to buy another after present one.


What Flavours Are Available In JNR Falcon X-18000 Box of 10?


A list of scrumptious flavours with graceful packing is here,




Fruit Flavours

Blue Razz Ice, Blueberry Raspberry, 

Kiwi Watermelon Ice, Grape Ice,

Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Ice, Watermelon Ice

Menthol Flavours

Cool Mint

Mixed Flavours

Watermelon Bubblegum, Berry Burst, 

Blueberry Raspberry Cherry, Cherry Berry, Strawberry Banana, Lemon & Lime,

 Blueberry Kiwi

What is the price of a Box of ten | JNR Falcon X-18000?


Definitely purchasing a bundle of 10 of JNR Falcon 18000 vapes offers a discount, if you buy 1 device individually it costs around £129.90. But at a discount price buying a bundle of ten is available at reasonable prices in the UK.


Box of Ten



Where Do I Buy the JNR Falcon X-18000 Box Of 10 In The Uk?


To buy JNR Falcon 18000 puffs disposable vape box of ten, a devoted platform is recommended,




How long does the box of ten JNR Falcon vapes last?

To have an estimate of time for ending ten devices is difficult.JNR Falcon provide 18000 puffs per device before lasting with an extended battery life of 1800mA/h.So it may last a very long time for a casual vapor.But this most dependent on your vaping habits, Longer and more frequent puffs will end the device soon. But still 18000 puffs, and 10 devices with the same puff count are a lot to enjoy for a long time.


What are the specific benefits of buying a box of ten vaping devices?

You can buy a box of ten due to discount prices, reduced decision fatigue, mind relaxing and long term supply due to longer puff count in each device.


What comes in the Box of ten JNR Falcon?

Each box of ten is composed of 10 individual JNR Falcon disposable vaping devices. Each contains 18000 puffs.


Are all vapes in a box of 10 are of the same flavour?

Maybe all vapes in the box are of the same flavour or may differ. It's up to you how you order your box. You can buy ten different flavors of your own choice to enjoy every new flavour in the next device.


Can I choose different flavors in a box of my choice?

Yes of course, a Consumer can choose 10 different flavors of his own choice to enjoy delectable flavors in every JNR Falcon 18000 vape.


Is buying a box of ten more effective than buying a single device?

Absolutely! Buying a bundle offers a discount per device comparable to purchasing individual devices.


Will the flavours in the box expire before I use them all?

Genuinely, a flavour in the e-liquid has a limit of 2 years to expire, so you have much time to enjoy 10 devices with 18000 puffs per vape before they run out.


Can I Store the untouched JNR Falcon X-18000 devices for later use?

Yeah you can store the packed devices in a cool dry place with optimum temperature, To save battery damage store in stress free space. It should be stored for only two years as they expire after biennial.



JNR Falcon x-18000 puffs disposable device is now available in bundle of 10 and stands beneficial in this packing.As it is environmental friendly due to reducing packing garbage,offering discount price and long term supply with 180k+ puffs in all ten devices.Hence let yourself enjoy a long term hassle free experience of ever new flavor by getting a JNR Falcon x-18000 box of ten.

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