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RandM Tornado 8000  Disposable Vape Device Box of 10 

What is RandM Tornado 8000 vape?   The RandM Tornado 8000 box of 10 disposable vapes is an ultimate vape pen. The device is perfect combo of disposability and rechargeability. It...
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What is RandM Tornado 8000 vape?


The RandM Tornado 8000 box of 10 disposable vapes is an ultimate vape pen. The device is perfect combo of disposability and rechargeability. It offers sleek and smooth user friendly features. It comes with integrated 850mA/h battery and claims to provide 8k+ puffs Its compact and sleek design offers the ability to carry it anywhere in your pocket. The device allows airflow adjustment and c-type port. The design is very attractive and awesome features increase user demand.

Here’s the key factors of device;

Product Name

RandM Tornado 8000  Disposable Vape 



Manufacture In


Puff Count



12 ml

Coil Type

Mesh Coil technology inside ensures better flavour delivery, even if you prefer unique mixtures like red apple melon.






Yes, C-Type


30 x 30 x 119mm, 85 gm



Kit Type



How To Use RandM Tornado 8000 vape?


Just follow the procedure;

  • Open Box

Unbox the RandM vape firstly.


  • Remove Extra Stickers

There are some safety stickers and packings to save leaking at the mouthpiece and bottom.Remove them all.


  • Check Battery

C-Type cable is provided with the device, Check Battery level before use to ensure you get the most out of your vaping experience. Charging via type-c is recommended.


  • Enjoy Vaping

Enjoy your vaping session with r and m tornado  8000 puffs vape, it may last in several days due to high puff counts.


  • Draw Activated

This disposable vape is draw-activated, no buttons to operate with. Just start inhaling and the device is switched on.


  • Counter Puffs (optional)

Keep in touch with device puff counts to get know when the device is to end.


  • Dispose Of It

This vape is disposable and electronic device as contains an electric battery.So i t should be disposed of properly after complete usage.The device once end up its e-liquid dispose of it according to local regulations to ensure no pollution.

Key Features of R and M Tornado 8000 Puffs Vape


Every feature of this device attains perfection due to high quality material. Some surprising features of RandM Tornado 8000 vape are;

  • Puff Count

It delivers up to 8000 puff counts with its pre-filled e-liquid.It delivers high quality taste in every puff.

  • Battery

Device is designed with an Integrated 1500mA/h battery.It powers the coil to heat up the e-liquid in order to create clouds.

  • Chargeable

Yes the device is rechargeable with C-Type cable.Use the cable provided instead of mobile fast charging cable.C-Type port provides quick and efficient charging.

  • Mesh Coil

There is a coil of metal inside the tank that is wrapped with cotton to absorb e-liquid. The battery heats up the coil to create vapor to be inhaled.Mesh coil is of 1.2 ohm.

  • Tanks

Tanks of RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape are pre-filled and do not offer refilling in order to save time and effort.

  • E-Liquid

This disposable vape kit is filled with 12 ml of e-liquid and can deliver flavors such as blue razz and watermelon. It contains flavors liquid, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and a few nicotine.It ends after providing up to 8k puffs.

  • Air Flow Adjustment

This vape pod offers airflow adjustment.That controls air that enters to be mixed with e-liquid to create vapor that is inhaled through the mouthpiece. 

  • Pack Of Ten

There is an opportunity to buy 10 packs in a single bundle of Tornado r and m  8000 disposable vape. Each pack can deliver up to 9000 puffs.

You can choose the flavour of each vape in a package of your own choice.All Flavors provide the best quality taste. 


What are the prices of  RandM Tornado 8000 vape?


Prices of Box of ten RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape at The Vapez is £29.9 for now. But keep in mind price can fluctuate with time.

Price of RandM Tornado 8000 vape box of 10

What Flavours are available in RandM Tornado 8000 vape?


Every vape product offers some delicious flavors to enhance vaping sessions.Flavors make the vaping joyful and interesting.Similarly, RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape also offer some delectable flavors;



Fruity (single)

Banana, Sour Apple

Fruity (Mixed)

Cherry Lychee, Grape Orange


Banana Ice, Cool Mint, Honeydew Ice Cream, Lush Ice, Melon Ice, Strawberry Ice Cream





  1. How long RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape may last?

  This disposable vape may last after 8000 puff count.It is pre-filled with 12 ml of e-liquid that provide the perfect amount of puff counts. It may last in a few weeks with normal usage but expert users may finish it in shorter time.On the other side starters will take some time to end the device.


  1. What makes RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape differ from others?

 RandM 8000 disposable vape delivers a massive amount of puffs with integrated 850mA/h rechargeable battery. The device’s design is compact and sleek. The user-friendly features increase its significance.Its unique styling and specific features make it differ from other vaping devices.


  1. Why Do I Choose RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape?

You can choose  RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape due to its lightweight and compact design.It offers you to carry it with you every where.It delivers perfect amount of puff counts.Its battery lasts just before some last puffs.Its designed on user-friendly features. The device offers a standard amount of nicotine.It is a draw activated.This makes it ideal for both starters and experts.


  1. How can I Charge RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape?

Very simple, just plug in the c-type cable in RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape and switch on. Then let it charge for an hour, and once it is fully charged plug out the charger.
1. Keep in mind don't let it charge overnight.

2. Use original cable only instead of mobile fast charging cable.

3. Use 1 amp current only.


  1. Can I refill the RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape?

No, RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape is a disposable device which means once its e-liquid is finished just disposed of it properly and get a new one to enjoy continuous vaping.


  1. What are the benefits of RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape?

Here are some benefits mentioned;

  1. This disposable vape is easy to use and draw activated.

  2. This vape has user friendly features

  3. Can be carried in pocket due to its lightweight.

  4.  Does not cause any bad smell.

  5.  This vape is available at reasonable prices than normal tobacco products.

  6. This vape is disposable so could be thrown instead of refilling.


  1. Is the  RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape easy to use?

Yes of course, RandM Tornado 8000 vape is easy to use. It is designed with ease in mind and features a type-c port for quick charging. RandM Tornado offers sleek and smooth design with user friendly features.The device is ready to use just out of the box. So the device is ideal for beginners as well as experts.


  1. Can I Carry  RandM Tornado 8000 disposable vape to flight?

Yes Yes, You can carry RandM Tornado 8000 vape to the flight with just few cares. Make sure to pack your e-juice separately.

Check all the functionalities like battery, e-liquid etc. Pack it in your carry-on luggage instead of checked luggage. To ensure no accidents at airports do not travel with vaping devices under excess heat or stress.




The RandoM Tornado 8000 Puffs  is a disposable vaping device that is built on user-friendly features.It offers some unique flavors to enhance vaping sessions.The device contains 12 ml of e-liquid and is pre-filled in tanks. An integrated battery of 850mA/h is provided inside the device that is rechargeable with the C-Type port.The device is draw activated.




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