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JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape

Introducing the Game Changer The JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape   Enjoy the reinventing JNR Wolf Niplo 10k, the future of the vaping market.This device is designed to...
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Introducing the Game Changer The JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape


Enjoy the reinventing JNR Wolf Niplo 10k, the future of the vaping market.This device is designed to deliver full satisfaction to the user its sleek design offers a hassle free vaping session on go.It comes with pre-filled liquid and smooth design with wolf print.It avails freed.This emphasize the ability to enjoy vape without limitation.Have an effortless vaping with Niplo 10k, it is an ideal device for beginners as well as masters.Leave the bothering refilling devices and hold a new amazing JNR Wolf Niplo 10000. Here is a brief info of the appliance;


Product Name

JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape


JNR (Just No Reason)

Manufactured In

United Kingdom

Puff  Count



20 ml


650 mA/h


Yes, C-Type



Coil type

1.2 ohm Mesh coil





Kit Type



How to use JNR Wolf Niplo 10k Disposable vapes?


To use the device follow the steps

  • Unpacking

Unbox the device and reveal it.

  • Remove Covers

There are some covers and stickers on the mouthpiece and bottom, remove them all.

  • Draw Activated

No buttons to shake head with, just inhale to Operate.

  • Enjoy Vaping

Enjoy hassle free vaping sessions.

  • Dispose of it 

This is an electric device, no need to refill or recharge as e-liquid ends, just garbage it and get a new one.


Key Features Of Wolf Niplo 10k Disposable Vape


Get ready to tantalize your wrapping experience with JNR wolf Niplo. Unbox the device to enjoy Comprehensive features of your wrapping style. Here is a brief look at the awesome features of the Niplo 10K device. 

  • Puff counts

Niplo 10k delivers a perfect amount of 10000 puffs with the best quality e-liquid.

  • Battery

A robust battery of 650 mA/h is built within the device to provide electric power for performance. 

  • Rechargeable

Battery is rechargeable with a C-type port, providing quick and efficient charging.

  • E-Liquid

The device comes with pre-filled tanks with 20 ml of e-liquid. They are responsible to deliver perfect puff counts. You can order a box of 10 for convenience.

  • Mesh Coil

Best standard coil is used to provide resistance of 1.2ohm.Gen Mesh coil enhances the performance till the last puff.

  • Flavours

20+ delectable flavors are for you to unlock an amazing vaping session.

  • Handsome design

This sleek device comes with a handsome smooth design with wolf print that emphasizes its personality.It is light weight for vaping on go anywhere.

  • Draw Activated

The device is draw activated, just inhaled to start.

  • User-Friendly

JNR Wolf Niplo is designed with user-friendly features that make it convenient for users.

  • MTL Vaping

JNR Wolf comes with an MTL vaping system, which makes the vaping system more interesting.

  • Disposable

The JNR Wolf Niplo is a disposable device with no need to refill or recharge the device.

Battery Life of JNR Wolf Niplo 10k Vape


Device is designed with extended battery life, no longer need to charge it. Battery is built with high quality material that minimizes the running out time. Please order now to enjoy these features. 650 mA/h battery is developed.



The JNR Niplo 10k offers quick and efficient charging with C-Type port.That will last after spending a whole day.


Heaven Of Flavours With JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 Vape Available at the Vapez


Delve into the world of JNR’s delicious and yummy flavors. Choosing the right flavor can change the experience totally. With a wide range of flavours JNR caters to every taste bud. Let's explore what Vapez offers in this regard?





Strawberry watermelon lemonade, Vimto, Watermelon ice, Lemon and lime, Pineapple ice, Passion kiwi guava, Mixed berry, Peach Berry, Triple mango, Blueberry cherry cranberry


White mamba, Mr Blue, Skittles


Iron Brew


Strawberry Mojito


Random flavors, Black Mamba, Blueberries sour raspberry 


Strawberry kiwi, Strawberry raspberry cherry ice


Rates Available At The Vapez


Prices of different brands fluctuate with time as market trends or user demand increase or decrease. But the JNR Wolf Niplo products are available at very reasonable prices as;


Single Pack


Pack Of 3


Pack Of 5


Pack Of 10





Why I Choose JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 puffs vape?

You can choose the JNR Wolf Niplo due to its massive puff count, perfect performance, best resistance and unique design. Those are the features that make the device popular in the UK vaping market.


How long does JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 puffs last?

10000 puffs, a lot to enjoy for a long term session.Don't worry there are not gonna end before a lot of weeks.As ending up of e-liquid is mostly dependent on vaping habits.But wait, 10k is not a little amount, will not end up soon.Just chill and keep enjoying.


How to charge JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 puffs vape?

JNR wolf Niplo is a chargeable device with C-type port, connecting a 1 amp charger with a game server, laptop or computer.Don't let it charge overnight. To charge just plug in a USB cable and connect it with an energy supplier.


What makes JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 puffs vape differ from others?

Jnr products always deliver extraordinary results due to high quality manufacture.The device is ready to use just out of the box, no need to refill, just dispose of it when it is finished. Niplo 10k has a massive amount of puff count with a chargeable 650mAh battery. Its design with wolf print makes it a legend among all the brands of the UK vaping market.



JNR Wolf Niplo 10000 is a disposable device offering a hassle free satisfied experience.It provide high puff count with 650 mA/h rechargeable battery having 1.2ohm mesh coil resistance.This amazing device offers a convenient experience whether you’re seasoned vaper or new one.Just leave all other brands and pick The grate JNR Wolf Niplo 10k puffs vape to change your vaping style.

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