Pyne Pod 8500 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Vape

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Maximize Your Vaping Experience with Pyne Pod 8500's High Puff Count In the world of disposable vapes, Pyne Pod 8500 puffs disposable rechargeable vape is a new lovely addition. Offering...
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Maximize Your Vaping Experience with Pyne Pod 8500's High Puff Count

In the world of disposable vapes, Pyne Pod 8500 puffs disposable rechargeable vape is a new lovely addition. Offering a bundle of flavours and has the capacity to deliver more than 8500 puffs. Its look and design resemble the lost Mary BM600 allowing handsome grip and supreme satisfaction. 

Some basic info of this product is;


Product Name

Pyne Pod Vape 8500 Puffs 

Brand and Manufacture

RK Traders

Country of Origin

United KIngdom

Coil Type

Mesh Coil






C-Type Port



Kit Type





pyne pod 8500 puffs disposable vape


How to use  Pyne Pod 8500 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Vape?


Here’s how to use Pyne Pod 8500 puffs;


Unbox the device to enjoy the vaping session..

Remove Safety Cover

There are some safety covers to save from any leakage. Remove them from the mouth piece and bottom.

Draw Activated

Just start inhaling to activate it, it’s a draw activated device just start vaping and it will activate automatically.

Monitor Puff Count

You can see how much you have puffed the device on its display screen, also battery percentages are mentioned on screen.

Dispose Responsibility;

Pyne Pod 8500 puffs Disposable vape is an electronic device and proper wastage is necessary.So try to dispose it properly according to local regulations to save earth from pollution.


Button Functions


Turn Off/On;

Press and hold the button for 3s to turn the device on or off.

Device Status;

Single click to check for device status, battery, voltage and liquid level.

Voltage Switch;

Double click for sure voltage switch; green light indicates low wattage, red light indicates high wattage.



Pyne Pod 8500 Puffs Key Features


There are some surprising features of Pyne Pod 8500 vape;

High Puff Count; 

Like many other disposable devices, Pyne Pod 8500 vape never ends very soon. It offers 8500+ puff counts to enjoy for a long time.

Display Screen;

Pyne Pod 8500 vape has a display screen. It keeps the user in touch with the battery percentages and e-liquid level. This provides the user the convenience of voltage setting also.

Visual Cues (Battery / liquid Level);

 The Pyne Pod 8500 vape offers an advanced feature of  LED light to indicate both battery life and liquid level.The color of LED light also helps to indicate wattage level;

  • Green Light  indicates low wattage level

  • Red Light indicates high wattage level.

Compact & Sleek Design;

The Pyne Pod 8500 vape has a very distinct design from other vapes.Its very lightweight and small in size, easy to carry in your pocket. Pyne Pod 8500 vape creates a handsome look.

Heaven Of Flavors;

A huge variety of flavors of Pyne Pod 8500 vape is introduced to the UK market to have a fun full vaping session.

Dual Mesh Coil

Dual mesh coils help vape to perform extraordinarily till the last puff. Keep the vape warm and speedy, and ensure an easy and normal vaping reveal.

Rechargeable Battery

Pyne Pod 8500 vape is built with 550mA/h battery that is rechargeable also, offering a good opportunity to users.

C-Type Port

C-type quick and efficient charging makes Pyne Pod 8500 vape an ideal vape choice.

Fast Charging:

With its super-fast 30-minute charge capability, you can quickly power up your Pyne Pod 8500 Disposable Vape Device without any long waiting times.

Adjustable Wattage  

Personalize your vaping experience by adjusting the wattage according to your preference. Tailor it exactly as desired for optimal enjoyment each time you use it.

Flavour Variety

 Offering a rich array of flavors, the Pyne Pod 8500 caters to all palates, from classic tobacco to exotic fruit blends, all made with superior ingredients for an excellent taste.


pyne pod 8500 disposable vape


 Pyne Pod 8500 Exclusive Flavours:


A heaven of flavor is introduced, a few are;






Blueberry Cherry Cranberry, Blueberry Raspberry, Skittles


Cantaloupe Apple, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, Lemon Lime, Mango Passionfruit


Blueberry Cotton Candy, White Gummy


Colombian Coffee


Cool Mint, Fresh Mint


Cherry Ice, Fizzy Cherry, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Watermelon, Watermelon Bubblegum, Watermelon Ice, Sakura Grape


Mr Blue 



What Are The Prices of Pyne Pod 8500 Disposable Vape?


At The Vapez Price for Pyne Pod 8500 Vape for single and in different bundle packs are:  


  • Price for Single pack = £9.99
  • Price for Pack of 3 = 26.99
  • Price for Pack of 5 =  44.99
  • Price for Pack of 10 = £ 83.95



Why did I choose Pyne Pod 8500 Puffs Disposable Vape?


  • When it comes to vaping, long lasting experience is the first priority of everyone.Pyne Pod Disposable Vape is providing 8500 puff count and standing out the list of all traditional vapes. 
  • It provides a 550mA/h battery that is rechargeable with C-type port, quick and efficient charging.
  • Dual mesh coil technology provides double flavors in a single device.
  • Switch wattage as another interesting feature of Pyne Pod Disposable Vape. That allows you to change low or high wattage.
  • With the help of a booster you can change your flavor to enjoy a new taste every time.
  • Besides this, The amazing thing is, a single button is performing three functions at a time.




1. What makes Pyne Pod 8500 Puffs Disposable Vape differ from others?


Pyne Pod 8500 vape is different from other vapes in a few key features;

1.Boost mode

2.Display Screen

3.Longer Puff Count

4.Visual Cues


2. How many puffs are there in Pyne Pod Vape?

Pyne pod Disposable vape offers 8500+ plus puffs that may last for several days or a few weeks.


3. Why is Pyne Pod 8500 Puff called pod vape?

In the pod system tanks are already filled with e-liquid unlike the traditional ones. It's easy to handle them instead of traditional tanks.

You can call it a hybrid device, as it is pod and disposable also. It provides both tastes of disposable and pod vapes.That is why it is called pod vape.


4. What is the specific feature of Pyne Pod Vape?

The wattage adjustment between  high or low and a booster to switch flavors are the specific features of Pyne Pod Disposable vape. That makes it different from others.


5. Can wattage be adjusted in Pyne Pod 8500 Puffs Disposable Vape?

Yes, Pyne Pod Vapes allow you to adjust wattage by double clicking the button.It has a dual power mode that can be switched between high wattage or low wattage. 


6. What is the battery life of Pyne Pod 8500 Puffs Disposable Vape?

The Pyne Pod 8500 puffs disposable vape has a 550mAh battery, with life depending on usage frequency and depth of inhales. It offers a dual power mode with high or low wattage settings, indicated by a light. The device is rechargeable using a C-type cable for quick and efficient charging.




The Pyne Pod 8500 vape offers an excellent vaping experience with its merge of benefit, performance and flavor variety. You can enjoy hassle free experience with Pyne pod 8500 vape. Its battery is 550mA/h, offering a long time to enjoy. Also if it runs out of power, it is rechargeable. Its design is user friendly and an ideal device for both newcomers and master vapors.

If battery timing, visual updates, switch flavor booster, and longevity are your priorities, Pyne Pod 8500 vape covers all.